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WHO: The Center Hiking Club, Inc. (CHC) established 1939 in Washington, DC, is a non-profit, volunteer organization devoted to enjoying the outdoors. We schedule several activities every weekend of the year. While our main interest is hiking, we also go camping, canoeing, biking and backpacking. We are currently over 800 members strong.

WHAT: The CHC sponsors outdoor recreational activities. We offer hiking, biking, camping, backpacking, cross-country skiing, canoeing, swimming, ice skating, picnicking, scenic driving tours and more. Our schedules include everything from sunset hikes along the Potomac River to strenuous mountain hikes. All we require from you is proper equipment, a sociable attitude, and a willingness to discover "new" and interesting places to see. Everyone (18 and older) is encouraged to join. Bring your children (no pets please), but we can not accept unsupervised minors.

WHEN: Year 'round. Greater Washington is a 365 day a year city! Our members enjoy walking along Delaware beaches in April, tree covered parks in August, and snow covered mountains during the "off" season. We do not scare easily when there is a chance of rain but we do use good sense. Experience has shown that, while it may be raining here, the weather is often different at the trail head. Most of our outings are on Saturdays and Sundays, and you should plan to pack a canteen and lunch.

WHERE: We go as far north as Philadelphia, as far south as North Carolina, as far west as Accident, Maryland, and as far east as we can swim. We often discover much enjoyment right here in town or along the C&O Canal. We also have small contingents that have gone to Norway, Holland, Antarctica, Scandinavia, and Peru.

HOW: Transportation is by private car; we form carpools to keep your costs down. Speaking of costs - most of your cost will be to reimburse drivers. Annual membership dues are $5.00 Single and $7.00 Family on a calendar year basis. Non-members are charged an extra $2.00 per trip. Major expenses are the production and mailing of our quarterly schedules. Still wonder how we do it? Everything is volunteer including leaders to organize, scout and lead one or more outings each week. Trip leaders enjoy sharing their favorite places enabling everyone to choose from more places or events than they could possibly discover on their own.

WHY: To have fun!! To get exercise, to eat in interesting country inns, to meet people, or for the peace and quiet!

INTERESTED? If after checking out our website you still have questions, feel free to contact our president Debbie at (301) 773-7527 or our secretary Marcia at Either will be pleased to answer your questions.

TO JOIN: Fill out the form below or come on any of our outings and speak to the leader. They can sign you up right there and then.

You can click here or on the form below for a pdf version of the 2019 Membership form.

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(Note: Persons joining After October 1, are members through December of the following year)



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